CleanRoom Foam Swab –

CleanRoom Foam Swab

Specification :

-100 ppi open-cell structure with super absorbency, low particle generation, excellent dirt removing capacity.

  • Excellent Polkyester fiber filament and microfiber head tip in high quality, high absorbency, low particle generation, excellent wearability and dirt removing capacity.
  • Cleaning wiht solvent such as alcohol, acetone and IPA
  • Suitable to clean inner layer and slit of tiny components
  • Good static – resistant capacity.
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Features :

Clean Room Foam Swab

Applications :

Highly apply to class 10-10000

Cleanroom HDD, PCB, LCD, Photoelectricity, Semiconductor, Disk Drive, Optical instrument,

Electron microscope, Precision machinery and Pharmacy industry.




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