Shoe Cover –

Shoe Cover

ASM-A series Static Bar Ionizer Bar pulse AC bar ionizer Dit

บาร์ คาน กำจัดไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ ASM-A series , a pulse AC bar ionizer, is recommended for medium-long distance
static ellimination and has remarkably improved emitter pin cleaning cycle.

. Easy to install even in narrow space due to remarkably reduced size and weight.

. New brackets, which is able to tilt 180 degree vertically, provide more freedom in installation

. Long emitter pin cleaning cycle

. Unique emitter structure minimizing contamination of dusts and pollutants

. Auto Balancing function(patented)

. Minimum air consumption

. Easy maintenance

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Shoe Cover :

  • Spunbounder shoe cover

Material : spunbounded

Size :6″x14″ Thickness 40 gram,

Tensile strength : 30 kg/sq.em minimum

Wlongation : Approximately 250 %


  • CPE Shoe cover

Material : Compressed Polyethylene (CPE) Film

Size :




  • PE Shoe cover




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