SMT ESD Magazine Rack NP15111 –

SMT ESD Magazine Rack NP15111

SMT ESD Magazine Rack

1) SMT magazine rack is designed for the manufacture, assembly, storage and transfer of PCB.
2) Screw and gear adjustment.
3) Common type (60℃) and heat-resistant type(120℃, 160~200℃) are available.
4) Surface resistance: 10e4~10e6 Ohm
5) Base: Conductive plastic or stainless metal


1) Overall Size: 355*320*563mm
2) 50pcs of PCB plates can be stored
3) Sizes of PCBs to be accommodated: 350*(50-250)mm
4) Side plank made of stainless steel, pitch 10mm
5) The top and bottom boards are made of metal
6) Stationary type
7) Adjustable through screws
(Allowed to be put in aging room/burn-in room)



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